All equipment required to play paintball is available at MTP.
These items constitute the "rental gear" provided with field fee.
Goggles: These are one of the two most important pieces of equipment to the
player. They protect the eyes and the face from paintballs and must be worn at all
times by all players during play.

Barrel Cover: These are the second most important safety devices. They cover the
marker barrel and prevent accidentally discharged paintballs from leaving the
marker. All markers in the staging area must have these in place at all times. This
allows a safe and relaxed environment outside of the playing area.

Marker: This is the basic device that allows paintball to be played. It fires paintballs
at a safe and adjustable speed down the field to mark your opponent.

Hopper: This device rest atop the marker and holds the paintballs ready to be fired.
Normal capacity is ~180 paintball and can provide several games worth of play
depending on the player.

Tank: This device screws into the rear of the gun. It provides power to fire each
paintball and also provides a support for the marker as it is rested against the
player's shoulder. For safety, only authorized MTP staff may remove tanks.

About paintball:
Paintball is both an exciting and relaxing sport. It combines team work with
individual pursuits that everybody can enjoy. It is common to find both adults and
kids playing together and enjoying themselves. The biggest part of paintball that
makes it such a great sport is the people who participate. It is these people that
make it safe and fun.

Safety is paramount when engaging in the sport of paintball. Anyone who is
serious about paintball is serious about safety. Each outing at Middle Tennessee
Paintball is started with an orientation that discusses the use of goggles, barrel
covers, and all other safe playing habits. Whether you have never played or have
been for years, everyone listens to the orientation before games begin – every
time. These rules are implemented for everyone's safety and enjoyment. All players
must abide by all safety rules at all times. All safety equipment required for paintball
is provided by MTP if needed. Every player will be orientated to all safety rules
before the start of play. These following reminders place emphasis on the most
important aspect of safety. Goggles must be worn in all playing areas at all times.
Goggles must be put on before entering into any playing area. Goggles shall not be
removed until the player has left the playing area and returned to the spectator side
of the net. Barrel covers must remain on the marker/gun until the ten second
warning is given. While on the spectator side of the net, the barrel cover gives
protection from accidental discharge of paint to spectators and resting players.
Barrel covers will not be removed until all players are ready to play and a ten
second count down is given just prior to the start of a game. When a player has
been eliminated from play, he/she shall recover his or her marker barrel with the
cover until the start of the next game. All barrel covers must be in place before any
player returns to the spectator side of the net.

What to bring:
Middle Tennessee Paintball has everything needed to play the sport of paintball.
We have refreshments available including water, Gatorade, and soda. We also take
pizza orders for lunch break. It is advised to bring a ball cap or beanie for some
head protection and to also wear at minimum long sleeve shirt or shirt with sweat
shirt over it. Pants that you do not mind getting dirty with shorts underneath should
also be worn. Cleats or shoes that aid in fast starts and stops should be considered
if available. Some may choose to bring a change of clothes as well.

Games: Speedball
Speedball can be a fast paced version of paintball. It is most often played on
hyper/tube, airball(soft), or xball(soft) fields. Players generally start within sight of
one another. Games generally last 5 minutes and placement of players on the field
is a must for success. Speed, agility, and team work also contribute to a winning
team. Several games can be conducted in rapid succession and can also be easily
viewed by spectators. Speedball games are usually total elimination games. All
players of an opposing team must be eliminated for the other to team to claim

Games: Woodsball
Paintball was first played in the woods. Nature creates natural hiding spots for
players and MTP offers a wide variety of wooded play. Unlike speedball, players
generally start out of sight of opposing players and must push through the woods to
obtain good positions and to find the opposing team. Wooded fields are generally
larger than speedball and can support quite large games. These games quite often
last for ten to fifteen minutes. Teamwork and speed dominates in the woods but
games can be played at a much slower pace. Traps can be set and ambushes laid
out, but a solid strategy must be formed to win. Wooded games have several
different playing objectives. Like speedball some games can be played where an
opposing team must be completely eliminated. Other games can have “capture the
flag” objectives. Center flags are those that consist of one flag placed in the center
of the field. This flag must be captured and taken to the opposing team’s base.
Individual flags games are those that consist of a two flags, one held by each team
at their base. The opposing team must capture the other team’s flag and bring it to
their home base to win the game. Both styles of “capture the flag” games provide
excellent opportunities for fun and for several different strategies to be tried out.
A Day at MTP
This short explanation is here to provide first time
players, parents, and groups with enough information
to make an informed decision about paintball. It is also
here to provide the "basics" as it were, so that all who
may wish to play can feel more confident about
visiting Middle Tennessee Paintball.
Simply look below for questions you may have and we
hope to see you soon.